Catalysis Jewelry: Copper Electroformed Jewelry Inspired by Nature



The jewelry you see here has not been cast from a mold but has a thin coat of copper over an original object from nature, making each piece unique.

Many of the cones, leaves, bark, and flowers are collected by me as I walk through the neighborhood or other nature areas here in Ohio. Some of the objects are purchased online from other nature enthusiasts through ecofriendly and sustainable sources.
To learn more about the process and to see what piece I am working on next follow me online at:


Artist Statement

Artists seek to capture the ephemerality of nature, to pause and reflect upon the world around us and share our findings with others. In the medium of electroforming, we do so in a very literal manner. Beautiful objects in nature that would have been passed by are collected, lovingly considered for their shape and being, and are revered when they would have faded away into dust and decay. Each piece is coated in copper, a warm, beautiful element that changes color as it reacts to its environment. Electroformed jewelry freezes time in a sense and allows the wearer to carry a little piece of nature wherever they go.




Some pieces, such as a single leaf or cone, are simple statements, a lovely specimen of nature to be admired for its structure and detail. Other pieces created by Catalysis Jewelry are assembled, combining elements to tell a story. They are sure to catch the eye - for each is as unique as the element of nature that lay inside its copper walls. It is an opportunity to wear your conversation piece.