Resigned           Oil on Linen            Detail



My latest portrait is titled ‘Resigned.’    I chose this theme in the interest of exploring the father/son relationship which I feel is inadequately represented in art.  The bond is no less significant or loving than that of a mother and child.  Certainly, the day to day responsibilities have adapted in modern times.  A father is not only a provider but is also a nurturer.  The ritual portrayed is simple, a father drying his son after a bath.   It is a period of the child’s life, however, that is relatively fleeting and this daily routine will be forgotten by him, except for this palpable reminder.  This portrait is a tribute to the willful and dutiful sacrifice that comes with being a parent and the joy it brings.


Beyond the delight of depicting this sweet little moment, this painting was a lovely opportunity to play with elements of texture and pattern as evident in the various types of fabrics and the father’s shirt.  Aspects of compositional dominance were also explored through shifting areas of light and shadow within the painting.  The curtain behind the baby was intentionally flooded with bright, radiant light to create a soft aura around him.  The brushwork is thick and bold to aid in the appearance of motion as he playfully claps his hands in a blur of color.  The father was intentionally more subdued through darker tones and shadows since it is obvious who the star of the show is here.   


This portrait is a visible testament to the beginning of a lifetime bond represented simply and sweetly through a ritual.  It is about the creation of new bonds, love, and friendship, depicting buddies for life.