Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea     Detail    Oil on Linen


My latest commissioned portrait is titled, ‘Afternoon Tea’.  

Upon visiting my new clients I was invited to join their two little girls for a tea party in their play room.  On this day, Sarah and Sophia had named their establishment The Butterfly Café and promptly served me with tea and colorful wooden cookies.   It was meant to be just an opportunity to get to know the girls but it was an image that resonated with me.  We agreed it would be a wonderful theme to explore since this was a regular ritual for them and certainly one they would want to remember.


 It was important to create an image that expressed their beautiful relationship together yet also reflected upon their individuality.  On the left is adorable little Sarah, the younger of the two.  Her straightforward gaze and playful raise of her chin shows her confident attitude.  There is the slightest hint of a mischievous, playful smile as she raises her cup, waiting for her tea.   I was transfixed by the lovely little heart created in her pose (as the tip of her left hand connects with her shoulder) and found it indicative of her sweetness.  On the right Sophia is the picture of elegance.  With a slight turn of the head she is poised to dramatically pour that cup of tea and is looking stunning while doing so.  The slight curve of her body makes it look as though she is about to curtsy.  The bright eyes and glowing smile says it all.


It was my wish to create an image that was warm and filled with light. The beautiful view outside their window gave me the opportunity to create a colorful, paint-filled world as thick, impasto brushwork defines the trees and flowering bushes.  The composition was delicately assembled to move the eyes of the viewer around the painting.  A nice diagonal line is created though their shifted positions as Sarah’s arm cradling the cup leads you to pot Sophia is holding.   From there your eyes move up to her face and back down her left arm as you follow the cups around, back to Sarah. The table is set for more company and as the viewer you are drawn into this warm and inviting setting.


It was a great deal of fun to participate in and commemorate this enchanting scene.   This painting is a glimpse into the world of two creative, energetic, and playful little girls who, through thick and thin, are obviously the best of friends.